1. She was made, she swallowed the pills like spies committed suicide in WWII. She was kidnapped by the people who figured it out. They tried to torture her but quickly realized she had already swallowed pills. They gave her the most painful death possible in anger.

  2. She set herself on fire because she was a spy that didn’t want here physical features to give away her corpse.so she burned off her features so who she was spying on could not connect her to any organization.

    It worked in the end.

  3. She was a spy. She took the pills to ensure death and to make the fire bearable; she knew the right amount of time inbetween taking the pills and lighting herself on fire, to ensure that the pills would kill her, just after she lit herself on fire, to minimize that suffering. The fire was used purely to make her unidentifiable. She was found with little smoke in her lungs so I'm confident to say that her plan worked, her death was caused by the pills which happend (she died) nearly immediately after she lit herself on fire, so the fire would do its job after she had already died. Now, it is possible that she had help with this (I only say this as it explains the gas can found nearby) A partner could have been the one to light her on fire, incase she died before she had the chance to do it herself, she may have had somebody there with her to make sure she was left unidentifiable.

  4. I think that its was a murder I also believe that she might be a spy but there could also be a chance that she was just being followed which is why she had so many passports, names, and wigs. But the possibility of her being a spy was she could have been caught and was an the run bc most spies back then where caught and killed. I completely disagree with the fact that it was suicide bc why would she be like "well im killing myself time to take of m jewelry and before I'm dead place down the oil tank" but if it was a suicide it could have bee bc she was a spy

    sorry this is so long I tried to fit in everything I was thinking after watching this video, I got most of it in.

  5. if i were a spy that wanted to murder another spy, i’d make the death as complicated as possible so people wouldn’t even be able to figure out if it was homicidal, suicidal, or accidental.

  6. my theory is that she was being hunted by other espionage agencies and she had important documents and she was chased all the way up there so she decided to burn herself with the documents so no information couldn’t be divulged either way she then wanted to take the pain away so she thought the pills would do that she the burned herself and died with that info

  7. What if she knew that she was close to death so she used the pills to kill herself but then the person who was gunna murder her found her and toke her to the valley and pushed her off and to remove there trace they burn her 🤔🤔

  8. What if she tried to kill herself with sleeping pills before her killer got to her, she didn't manage and got set on fire? The bruise on her beck might have been indecation if a struggle.
    I know my case is very shaky but please do contemplate it.

  9. Lets say she's a double agent. She gets found out. She realises they are after her. When they finally track her down to her hotel and knock on her hotel door, she swallows the pills knowing they will kill her anyway. She is confronted after taking the pills but before the pills take effect and they injected her with a knock out serum in the neck and drive 120 km to the woods to interrogate her. Still unaware she had taken the sleeping pills, they spill petrol on her and use the threat of a lighter to try to get her to talk but she goes from a daze to unconsciousness. Finally they realise she is not going to regain consciousness and just throw the lighter on her and leave. Mystery solved!

  10. You can have terrible English and still be from and live in Europe… Lol also, if she was a spy.. she wasn't exactly going low profile if she went shopping for bright blue, "Everybody look at me celebrate boots…haha could ye imagine her trying to escape from guys chasing her through a crowd… Where did she go?! She's right there lad! The only one outa 2,000 people wearing blue fuckin boots… Haha

  11. Seems likely the burning could've been due to a need to hide her own identity; if it was infact a suicide.. Considering that, it seems likely it was a suicide imo.

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