1. "Konami loves Blue-Eyes" yeah they also love Dark Magician and will definitely be throwing him support soon too, get over it that you like some other deck that probably competed with Blue-Eyes on release and got power crept. Quit acting like Blue-Eyes will ever be fast enough to be a real threat against the new decks Konami will be shitting out to keep the game alive. This shit was bound to go downhill as soon as Cyber Angels were released.

  2. I sat there as a brand new player and farm the fuck out of Mai Valentine, made it to level 31 and now they nerf the amazon deck? Did I just waste my time? I get my ass handed to me all the time makes me want to quit.

  3. Love it. People that don't spend money on the game shouldn't be able to build decks that compete with someone that invests money in the game. Death to f2p. Hopefully forever.

  4. I can't say I'm not happy about it. Duel links is a strange mix of the first ages of Yugioh and more recent things. Like, come on guys, Fur Hire is an archetype that was released this very year! Card destruction's rather limited and summoning more than one thing at a time, even Extra deck monsters, has just begun to become a thing. An archetype made to fill its board every turn so long you have the hand for it was bound to tear the rest apart.

    Amazoness is a little sad but honestly, I think that's just bad design. A single card with three effects that makes or breaks the deck otherwise.

    Amazoness was workable because you only needed to destroy both copies or, if they didn't start the duel with Onslaught, you could still power through with raw damage. Fur Hire though I always have to give up on sight; maybe now I could try to play.

  5. I really really like that they give reasonings in this banlist.
    It explains it even for people like me that arent really active in this game, and it makes it interesting.

  6. To be frank, you gotta give a Duel Links player some credit. The only reason people know these cards are ridiculously broken is because players had to undergo the frustration of being randomly paired against the SAME DECK over and over and over again so many times to the point that when that card name pops up all that buzzes through their head is ‘HateHateHate.’
    And they keep playing.

  7. I hate all of you 'strategic yugioh players ' you dont use your brain just google for the best decks..that makes duels so lame and easy to predict…just fucking use your own brain and make your own fucking deck!
    Otherwise you aren't good but just copying

  8. Lol, great banlist! But everyone who plays duel links wil understand that in the great scheme of things this changes nothing xd. The new meta won't be balanced at all because they completely annihilated all the old meta decks giving 1 new deck all the power again (blue-eyes). The otk potential is way to great with that deck. And i know Spellbooks can counter them but you have to open with Silent Mag or it's GG. That sounds like a coinflip to me

  9. It really hurt my amazoness deck this banlist but I can see why would they ban the trap card. It was really overpowered. Mass banishing for no cost and easy to bring out.

  10. The game has two regular update times, the day reset and the update time. News updates can happen during either update point except for emergency news updates which can happen as soon as relevant. The update time happens for midnight America (don't remember time zone) but the day reset is for Japan's midnight.

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