The Struggle Of Heroin Addiction…. It's DO or DIE!

We’re discussing the problems my brother is going through with heroin withdrawal. The statistics of successful recovered heroin addicts are so low… Learn how …



  1. I think this is my favorite video. Some great advice from somebody who made it to the other side. Thanks for everything you do, Derek. Day 13. -Joe

  2. I remember when Ryan passed away I told you that you were the one who could continue what he started and take it to a another level. I'm happy to see you doing it bro. I've been with you since you got clean and have seen you change so much. This is your calling. You are doing great bro.

  3. Don’t give up on him. I wouldn’t be here if my family threw the towel in. I can see it in his eyes that he’s going through it still. It may not be you who shows him the light directly but get him to meetings, positive people. Idk where that is for you guys but try man. I’m with you guys right now. Prayers to you and your family.

  4. AJ is spot on…being happy is all fine and good but that fades after the first 30 days and the pink Cloud evaporates ….talking the talk isn’t the same as walking the walk…I really hope Kurt gets it, buckles down and works the steps ….He is a great guy and I hope he chooses life.

  5. Thing is Kurt has to want it as you say…and he has alot to live for, a beautiful gf etc and brother who cares about him so much….and I'm sure he has a job or can get one….he actually doesn't know how lucky he is! You can't babysit him forever derek, I think now he's out of jail this is the best chance he is gonna have…But he needs to want to be clean AND more.

  6. I felt the same uneasiness which I why I said stay out of the dark places, lead your life in public light, meetings, talks, read, whatever it takes, but HE’S GOTTA’ WANT IT! I could never make my family addict see that light. Until they do, your wheels are spinning. They are willing to go down that dark road into the hole again and again and again until there’s no coming out.

  7. Sometimes its the surroundings need to be changed. If your around the same people and same areas it makes it so much easier to relapse. Yes you will have to lose some old friends. Gotta change it.

  8. I shared that story about Chris Herren because I sense Kurt’s uneasiness as well. He’s battling with guilt and a slew of emotions that he may not know how to handle at the moment. The comment you referenced falls along those lines, I simply didn’t say it directly. Kurt is smart. He can explain the battle quite well. He’s aware but being aware and knowing is different from embodying the transformation required for the battle ahead. I know you’re trying to help him by encouraging him to do the videos with you, but his route to recovery may take a different route. If he starts his own channel like you did of his own volition, then he’s showing steps for accountability on his own. You’re a good bro Derek. This it when Kurt’s desire to want to breath needs to reveal itself. I won’t ever give up on Kurt. May a higher power touch his heart and soul and make him want true, lasting change more than anything in this world.

  9. I went through this with someone. I hadn’t been in Recovery long enough. Active Addiction is like Quicksand. It takes a while to get out of it Good, and get it all cleaned off of us. If a person that is at the shore of quicksand tries to pull someone else out, they could slip and slide right back into it.

  10. My freedom from Opiates, heroin, alcohol, meth has been due to the tool boxes from the rehabilitation. I was addicted for 17 years and 5 I have been clean . The body knows that the chaos that it produces leads to the answer do more and it will all stop , 4 hourslaterhete you go again. Out of 148 people I rehabbed with I and only one other are clean. I am one every few that are able to have the strong bull head attitude needed to be successful through the worst parts .

  11. Everything in your life has to be recovery oriented. Friends, activities, passions….at least in the first year. because what you put before your recovery, you will lose. I have a job in recovery and i am very fortunate for that. Everyday I get up and go help people in the same shelter I stayed in. It impossible for me to forget where I came from or how bad it got. See if Kurt wants to visit treatment centers and tell his story.

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