This Is MIKE TYSON – Uncomfortable Moments For Reporters. LOSES CONTROL

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  1. I dont think he loses control at all like the titles suggests. He just expresses his emotions of being uncomfortable and annoyed and he expresses it just like he feels with bad words and all. Yeah sure a couple times he lost control in this video but 90% of the time honestly he showed a lot of restrain in just answering how he felt. People are not used to being honest when speaking thats what happens, they act restrained and Mike doesnt, that doesnt mean he loses control. It is mostly everybody else who is a hypocrite when provoked, and just because everybody else acts that way, that doesnt mean thats correct. Mike is in the right here to be honest, when asked with emotional violence he responds with emotional violence, he is not hitting anybody but when somebody is asking trying to provoke you there is absolutely nothing wrong with responding with the same energy, thats all.

  2. mike is such an iron man that in the interview with larry king, he never once complained about evanders headbutts. he owned the bite and never made excuses. you know what tho, he was right, those headbutts werent easy.

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