1. I didn't understand briliant fusion till today,although i really tried to,untill you mentioned sending to the graveyard part,which i totally agreed with,but I still think it can be a risky-bricky card if you already had drawn your garnet and can't activate it's effect wouldn't you agree?

  2. Does Lazuli not miss the timing? I haven't played in a while, but iirc wouldn't the last thing to occur be the fusion summon (so Lazuli's effect wouldn't be able to be activated)?

  3. Man I hate that brilliant fusion is so good. I just want the stuff for my actual gem knights lol but noooo everyone needs them. And then they’ll get hit.

  4. As an actual competitive player yes brilliant is far superior. However in my current deck due to deck space I can't afford the extra deck space for seraphinite or the space for garnet/ extra light targets. But to call double summon a bad card or even a casual players card I'd have to disagree with you on that one

  5. To be honest it's not about preference it's about what deck you got. If you got no room for that card but have room for double summon then use DS some decks don't need or want or even have room for Eather card(s)

  6. Disagree. Brilliant is better in the same way an old Buster Blader is stronger than a Dark Magician. Just by stats.
    Double Summon can't be negated by handtraps, Brilliant can. Brilliant can brick hard if you draw into your gem-knight, Double Summon barely (if you draw no monsters to Normal in a deck with Double Summon – that's just unlucky). This makes Double Summon better FOR ITS PURPOSE which is to extra normal summon.

    Brilliant Fusion is the better card – but not the better way to get an additional Normal Summon.

  7. brilliant fusion can also be used to summon things that aren't seraphinite. (shocking, i know, lol) so you can send a garnet and volcanic shell to grave for citrine, and then use shell to add another to hand, which can help unbrick your hand in volcanics. you can send giant sentry of stone to summon zirconia, and then sentry can be summoned for free as half of a rank 3, or even to just summon missus radiant with zirconia. prismaura could send a thunder to grave, which could be thunderclap skywolf, which can be brought back with the various call of the haunted type traps on the opponent's turn to get you a raigeki effect. hell, you can even send a frog monster to the grave to set up a ronintoaden or something in paleofrogs, lol. and then there's using lazuli and a normal monster over garnet to get the monster you sent back to hand, which can be cool with seraphinite and galaxy serpent for various level seven synchro plays. you can send bujin hiruko and lazuli, and then you have a bujin monster in hand. assuming you have a way to get rid of seraphinite, you could make a bujin xyz, get its effect, and then use hiruko's pendulum effect to get a different bujin xyz for a new effect. so yeah, there's a hell of a lot of cool shit you can do with brilliant fusion, and that's without actually getting into a dedicated gem-knight deck, lol.

    (though i do find it kind of ironic that spyral players in the ocg are actually replacing machine duplication with double summon because it gets you a relatively similar type of board but doesn't lose as horribly to ash blossom and maxx "C." so yeah, ocg is pretty crazy right now)

  8. No because you would have to link summon out the serpha first then go into double heliex. so double summon/machine dupe is still better

    double summon doesnt get ashed

    and machine duped gives you more advantage even though it gets ashed

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