1. I grow indoor and outdoor and definitely more weight outdoor but when I grow clones off my mom plants inside and outside , my indoor is Always always way better quality. But my indoor is overkill and costs a lot in electric bill. Your killing it outside brother
    Keep enjoying it. I grow cuz I love to do it. Keep growing where it makes you happy

  2. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  3. Lol told ya to get some quantum boards, the qb96 elite v2 light engine with the hlg 240h 54a cooled with a ac infinity cabinet fan (full light $211 way I built it). It gives the 315w LEC and a 600w hps a real run for its money. 5-10 gal fabric pot 30/70 perlite coco as media and grow a tree and scrog. You could even sync it to flower with the outdoor girls too if you wanted for whatever reason. Using maxi bloom and flora micro and calimagic full cycle works wonders its cheap too. Also ph water, and you can top dress with soil acidifier to add some sulfur to make them buds flavor town lol but do that right before flower. Its all easy as phuck to use. UVB/A t5s makes it alot more potent too, if you wanna grow the best that is. More UV than the sun puts out 😆. Also with qb's, less heat is made and less energy wasted by far. Lights you had running I bet are close to the efficiency of HPS so no bueno lol not the best indoor experience. And you'd need an A/C or something anyways cause it gets warm in that shed without lights I bet, could do a winter crop. Still probably ain't that cold there in winter lol but hey. Hmu if you want help with something. But for real the quality is night and day. Nothing like a almost white, frosty indoor bud. Sticks to ya like Velcro 😂. Could always try to find someone to trade some outdoor for a nice light setup. Its not like we know who you are to tattle lmao. Hope you give it another try some day. Outdoor OP lookin fire bro, keep it real.

  4. Indoor grows can be a great tool. For instance it can be used to pheno hunt or for breeding. A simple off grid package can cut all power costs. Never give up bro. If that roof was transparent you could use the sun indoors. There are so many options you can adapt your outdoor style to indoors and really captivate your audience. I agree 100% with the time VS the yeild….I'm working that issue for all growers. Grow with frequency

  5. I think outdoors is way better in the sense it's better for the environment, and that's the way it was meant to be. But indoor is way better because it's easier to do in "hostile" areas, and its easy to just have a constant source of just enough for your personal use. love that you are able to help people out with your plants. Keep it up!

  6. When you can grow 40 pounds outside theres not really a reason to flower indoors maybe veg to keep your phenos alive for the next year if you find something perfect for your needs

  7. What do all you legal growers do, with all the weight, in legal states? Always wondered what these YouTubers do with al of it. That’s a lot of weight even just to give away to fiends.

  8. Love the positive reinforcement! I've met so many cocky asshole growers that trash talk other grows not as big as theirs. Your vids bring a smile to my face and remind me what it's all about, not just chasing paper.

  9. How do you keep the weed from being so fluffy outside and all that sun….. I grew Outdoors last year in the open air in full sun and my weed came out potent but it came out real real real fluffy…. now I'm using two greenhouses to see if I can offset that fluffiness

  10. I live in hail central, so greenhouse for me with suppemental lighting…….it is the only way i can give away weed. Indoors I have to sell it due to cost for production and even notill indoors uses alot of electricity.

  11. outdoor all the way bro! Love your videos bro you do an amazing job! my bubblegum Auto has about two weeks left I am super stoked✌ keep up these amazing videos!

  12. good points on outdoor,,but you should have listed the CONS like insects,disease,bad weather patterns,limited if you have seasons…thieves,.noisy people,neigbours you cant trust are ratting you out to everyone,,even if you are legal,,you let everyone know what yer doing…,i can go on and on…no theres alot of CONS too,,but you forgotten to mention.

  13. All respect you bro come on we all go through things at different times. Thank you for giving me the assistance that you did. I'll never forget how much you help me thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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