Why The FDA Is Acting Deaf, Dumb & Blind About "The Oil"

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  1. They already hijacked the real Rick Simpson oil where the THC is vital in conjunction with the CBD. So the wicked THC is eliminated and they derive just CBD from hemp which now is not even remotely as effective as the real Rick Simpson oil medication. So this serves big pharma just fine to misdirect attention away from the the real thing and all people see is the far less effective version.

  2. Since when have they all of a sudden cared about medication especially with the medication that is out on the market anyway. Talk about the highest level of hypocrisy there is. These people are a joke the whole lot of them.

  3. CBD aka hemp oil does not destroy cancer cells. Cannabis oil high in thc destroys every cancer cell in our bodies and minds.. This oil is best sourced from an indica strain of cannabis. Look to Rick Simpson of Rick Simpson's oil fame for more Intel about cannabis oil high in thc deatroying every cancer cell in our bodies and minds.. Also Bitter almond apricot and apple seeds when eaten destroying every cancer cell in our bodies and minds without any ill effects at all. The B17 in these seeds attacks only the abnormal cells and destroys them on contact. I've witnessed personally this majick for over a decade now. I personally know beyond a shadow of a doubt cannabis oil high in thc sourced from an indica strain and apple seeds harvested from apples purchased at the local market. Destroying, eliminating every cancer cell in our bodies and minds. For more Intel on doses and protocols please don't hesitate to contact me at maximusforealious g mail.
    May everything wholesome and good taken be returned Sevenfold. I invoke healing comfort and full restoration upon we the otherwise peaceful Homosapien Sapiens.

  4. John Malanca's REVOLUTIONARY , series THE SACRED PLANT can be subscribed to and get all the latest on CBD and the healing benefits! Ty and Charlene Bollinger's The Truth About Cancer, also is FANTASTIC!!!
    TY for the great FDA update!

  5. FYI they are using the ketogenic diet for Alzheimers too. High fat low carb it's a very healing diet. Nothing healthier than a high quality animal based diet. Grass fed animal products are life.

  6. Same goes with Kratom. Ive been on pain meds for years and decided I was done but still needed pain relief for my jacked up back. I'm transitioning to kratom. Not only is helping me get off the opioids by helping with withdrawal it's actually better at dulling my pain. The fight is on with Kratom they are desperately trying make it a drug so they can control it luckily there are lots of great people out there fighting for our right to use kratom as we see fit.

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