Wild Edible Plants Class by Kathy Dice • May 2018 • Fairfield, Iowa

Fairfield, Iowa, May 12, 2018 • Jefferson County Park Kathy Dice introduced participants to nature’s wild edible plants. Kathy co-owns Red Fern Farms in …



  1. This lady is so full of life and vigor, it is just refreshing to watch and listen to what she has to teach. This is the way teachers should be and the world would be such a better place for it.
    Thanks for the videos about wild edibles and your time in making them. Thumbs up %100
    God bless ya.

  2. I eat dock, poke and dandelions all summer long.. I dry and freeze them for winter.. They seldom taste bitter.. I stand the leaves in a tall glass for 1/2 of an hour, with an inch or 2 of water.. My grandpa dearly loved paw-paws and anxiously awaited their ripening every year.. He couldn't wait to eat the first one.. It was all he wanted until the following year.. He never ate more than one..

  3. When I was little, we loved to eat "sour grass" which looked like smaller, lighter green clover leaves. Have you heard of this?
    Does it have any nutritional value?
    Thank you… great videos!
    (New sub 🙂 )

  4. As a kid I'd play in the Woods in Virginia and Wood Sorrel was one of the edible flowers I instinctively knew to eat, along with honeysuckle, red clover, and certain berries! I also knew to stay clear of Poison Ivy .. Great post, very informative!!

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