5 Easy Remedies to Cure Fever, Cold & Cough | Subah Jain

5 easy remedies to cure fever, cold and cough Want to get rid of a cold, cough, fever, headache or nausea without medicine? Follow the five simple home …



  1. Infections come from outside, its okay to take medication for that. Body cannot fight completely with these infections, bacteria. But its true meditation and prana energy has the power to not only heal but regenerate oneself. But for that one needs to preserve creative energy (semen) otherwise nothing else will work

  2. Mam u talk about nature right .
    For ur kind information mother nature gave orifice aka holes to put food and throw out waste. u talk about mother nature staying as it is right an u want to reverse it
    Please don't think there r more idiots like u
    Taking enema

  3. आपने जो जो home remedy fever या other problem की बताई है उसमे तो solid natural food nahi hai, यदि बीमार को तेज hunger हो तो फिर वो क्या खाय?

    ओर आप के videos अच्छे पर जो बहुत friquantly इंग्लिश नहीं समझ पाते उनके लिए भी वीडियो अलग से हिंदी में बनाए कृपया l सुरभि जैन…

  4. This is really gold.. You know what I understand what sadhguru jaggi vasudeo says but could not able to apply his knowledge or thoughts in real life but you did it with great knowledge spreading through this video.. Thank you a lot.. Keep doing great work.

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