1. About this video: In 2007 I crashed while driving drunk, spent 3 months in a coma, and was near death. In this video I tell that story, as well as my sobriety and recovery to follow. Alcoholism and addiction videos every Saturday on Then Came Sober James. Subscribe, like, and share, and let's do this damn thing.
    How to stop drinking, how to stay sober, near death experience (NDE)stories…it's all here.😀

  2. Keep up the great work. You tell a very true story and part of your life not everyone wants to share in a public forum. I have now 35 years sober, from a self medicated serious case of panic disorder that lead me into alcohol dependency. From two beers a day to a quart + of vodka a day. If my blood alcohol was not at least a .2 + I would start to go into withdraw. I know this subject well. I'm now 66 and living life large. If I had kept going at the rate I had built up to, I would have died 34 years ago. Anyway, I still remind my self of who I am and my past problems and how easy it would be to slip into that dangerous world again. That's why I enjoy hearing stories like yours. I have been there, done that, and have no intentions of ever returning to that crazy lifestyle. In my case it was not a party, it was hell on earth, and pure survival mode. Now that is soooo far behind me. Keep up the good work and trying to motivate others from falling into that spiral. Trust me it gets easier every year…..keep up the good work on yourself as well.

  3. God bless your heart & soul. Yeah, you might be correct about what you said about God keeping you on planet earth & your stories on YouTube. To be 100% honest with you, I watched your whole video, every second of it & I usually do not do that but you & your story really caught my undivided attention. Well, have yourself a good 1, James.

  4. what blows my mind is how few post about this subject I absolutely needed to hear this story. The anxiety, fear, discouragement this disease brings into ones life is debilitating but to see others facing that battle with you brings an immense amount of hope thank you for what your doing. There is no doubt that our higher power had reason and purpose for you

  5. Wow holy hell . Thank you James . This is seriously inspiring me , I have not had any alc in almost a week which for me is tremendous . Still smoking maryjane constantly but one vice at a time right

  6. This is inspiring. Your story and your logic cements my own self diagnosis. My rock bottom; leaving the bar parking lot in an ambulance, after becoming blackout drunk and vomiting blood on the bar parking lot in front of new coworkers (who also happens to all be surgeons) was humiliating. This was nothing compared to waking up in the hospital to the sight of my six year old crying “mommy” and the sight of a, not worried but angry, husband. This is not the first time he’d been called to pick me up because I was incapacitated. Surprisingly this was not enough to make me stop. My poor family, what I have put them through. I am newly sober and am ready for change. These videos help to reinforce my idiocracy. When my brain tries to tell me I am not an alcoholic, I seek the stories of others and the familiarity of their thinking brings me back to reality. Thank you for sharing these videos.

  7. Thank you for sharing this. I had a couple DUI's within 6 months in 2008, one in NY one in PA and you know damn well they weren't the only times I drove drunk.  It resonated when you mentioned the profound sadness from your family. I'm glad you are alive.  Hell, glad I'm alive too. We do recover 🙂

  8. Great video
    Was one of the hardest times in my life to see you in that bed. But you rose up and now are helping others through these tough experiences. You should share your bed bug story sometime😜

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