1. Don’t act so damn shocked that she’s “gold digging”. He promised her this life! It’s why he brought her over to America in the first place. He’s only interested in her for her body and he CHOSE to bring her to the US literally just so he could have a hot wife. He’s no victim, he’s a fat shallow idiot. She’s kept it 100% real and never lied about her intentions but the fatass keeps pretending like he gives a shit about being happy in a relationship. Nah he just desperate.

  2. After looking thru the comments.. yes it's prob scripted, yes she was up front about being a gold digger, yes he liked about having money.. but in all reality, the reason people gasp at her so much is bc of how blatent she is and it's not something u see often. That cld be scripted sure or maybe it's bc she doesn't know enough English not to be blatent.. but when people hear that, for the first time.. it's shocking. If u can't agree with that .. don't bother saying anything bc I won't have a response.

  3. Wooooow.. I knew he was in trouble but dang! And I can't believe if he had been my poor ass .. He wld be in prison for the next 20 years.. I'm not down for the 22 months he did get. That's why I stay out of trouble and away from bad situations.

  4. He should get extra time in prison for being a stupid idiot who actually thought this woman has some sort of feelings for him. The only feelings she has with him is disgust but as long as the money is flowing, she'll stay put. Close your wallet and see how fast she's on a flight to Russia with a one-way ticket.
    Her face always looks so frozen. It just doesn't move…lol.

  5. She wanted Jorge for his money and admitted it
    Jorge wanted her for her body and played a victim card

    This is why I dont like Jorge and I like Anfisa more

    I also like her more because👀

  6. The show is insanely scripted and full of fake drama to get viewers being all "Oooooh I wanna see what happens"
    Society today is just drama hungry and that's how TV shows take advantage of it no one would watch a show if it was basically the same everytime two people being lovey dovey and then get married after a tiny bit of drama

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