Episode 181: Using Cannabis For MS Greatly Improves Her Quality Of Life

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001, Joanne Gauthier-Wiebe from Manitoba, Canada refused pharmaceutical medications and began a nutritional …


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  1. Get nutrition from foods, not vitamin pills. Several fistfuls of cooked greens every day. A cup or two of colors (purples and blues, red, orange, yellow) and try to fall in love with the whites (onions, garlic) which can make healthy food taste delicious.
    LBNL, find a good corrective chiropractor in your area that understands the role of the central nervous system and seeks to restore your spine structurally, not just manage symptoms or relieve pain. Find any/all subluxations and eliminate them. Good luck. My sister died from drug/mental complications from her treatments for secondary progressive MS (suicide). I say that politics killed my sister. She'd never touch cannabis because she was brainwashed by the propaganda and my parents didn't help either.

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