1. Dude you just cooked it over a hot plate , the decarboxylation process is complete at that point, why do u think it doesn’t have it be mixed with a fat when eaten orally. Cause the cooking process completes the decarboxylation process.

  2. 8:54 You say it “has NOT been decarboxylated”, however, when I tried this I noticed tiny bubbles rising from the isopropanol during evaporation. Would that not suggest that is HAS been decarboxylated? Great vid, btw! Hope you can give an answer to this question.

  3. RSO method haha my buddies and I were doing this when I was 15 over a decade ago. It's like literally the most basic way to make oil. Rick Sampson did not invent this lol what the hell.

    Use clean butane next time. Liquid ISO does not sublimate into a vapour lol it's not a solid. it evaporates. The boiling temperature of butane is well below room temperature so it's a MUCH better solvent to use and it doesn't pull the chlorophyll

    Don't EVER use glass, that shit is liable to break.

    You also didn't whip the oil over heat after it looked like the ISO had been evaporated lol that's why we use a vacuum chamber

    ISO is also denatured which is defiantly bad.Your oil is gross and black because there's a bunch of crap in it from the bleach/dyes in the coffee filters as well as a bunch of chlorophyll.

    What you've got there is just good ol fashioned hash oil folks have been making in the backyard on a sunday afternoon since the 70's

    It's not medical quality by any stretch of the sense and just because it gets you high as fuck doesn't mean it's medicine lol.

    I bet there's so much iso left in that crap you could light it on fire afterwards LOL. It prolly burns with an open flame and produces a very dirty black soot.

    You also over soaked the the herb, a common mistake. "I get 6 grams instead of 4 when I do this so it's better" no, it's not and you now have 2 extra grams of crap nobody wants to smoke in there

    Basically the only thing you did right was use boiling water and hotplate as a heating method, but aside that everything else is probably the worst way you could extract from bud. Like no joke this is horrible and should never EVER be presented as medicine, or medicinal quality in any way nor should anybody seeking the medical properties of marijuana ever use this low grade product.

    If you're gunna use ISO what you do is you dry the bud to dust then grind up the bud into a fine powder toss it into a glass and shake it for no more than 30 seconds, any longer and you're just pulling out literally anything but "medicine"

    No offense but Rick isnt the only mofo whose grown herbs in the backyard and talked to an old hippie. Cheers and good luck and please please do ever offer that crap as medicine, it's shit you toss on some bud every once in awhile for a good laugh.

  4. I got some RSO from trulieve dispensary, it made my skin itch..do you think it could be from the alcohol? it just seemed weird it was around the same time and i do have somewhat sensitive skin.

  5. Ever consider winterization as an additional filtration process? I'd think heating your oil like that uncovered you're losing a lot of terpenes and CBG. I like low temperature evaporation and reintroduced terpenes (a-pinene in particular)

    The slow evaporation also helps make a prettier more polished product. Imo.

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