1. I saw the grinders on Jeffree’s site and had no clue what they were. I thought it had to do with make up. I was looking up to see what they were used for and found this video. 😂🙈 This was very insightful, thank you for sharing.

  2. Dats a Fruity in Da Booty grinder my 3 in the pink gets confused goes in like some gas mixed with pussy with hints of citrus, but shit comes out smelling like a booty pirate who's just plundered a homeless shelter, a straight cornholio massacre get some band aids because we're about to rip some shit up, "give me that arrrsehole ye maity". If your into that this grinder is for you i'll stick to my cali crusher or do it with my fingers like a real man also if you want a truly large grinder with clear windows check out zip grinders i have my eye on a grinder thats electric that mills your bud instead called OTTO and loads it into a cone for fast pace on the go action and lite a hooch whenever you feel like it

  3. I was looking on his website to buy a mirror (sold out of course) then I saw these. That’s why I’m here because I didn’t know what it was. Learn something new everyday. Never smoked before so forgive me.

  4. goto target and get a $15 coffee grinder. That shit works so well. Been using the same one for years. U need an outlet but that shit is so easy to use and u dont need to worry about it stickin together an shit. 1 or 2 button taps for a coarse grind. And its really easy to make it as fine as you want.

  5. This video was AWESOME! 😀 I hope you can check me out as well 🙂 I'm a self-taught Mexican American makeup artist who is a mix of geeky, boss, awkward, and driven! Haha, Hope we can continue supporting each other <3

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