Ritalin slikken zonder recept? Bastiaan zoekt uit wat de risico's zijn | Drugslab Extra

In deze video zoekt Bastiaan Rosman uit wat er gebeurt als je Ritalin slikt zonder recept. Ritalin is een medicijn voor mensen met ADHD. Eén op de vier …



  1. The idea of an different (or reverse) mechanism of action on people with ADHD is questionable. Sure genetic, biological and chemical differences will be present from person to person, but binding to certain receptors and release of certain neurotransmitters remain the same. When asked to the "opposite" effects, she simply mentions the side-effects that increase by dose in almost anyone who takes the "medication" (with the possible exception of those with a vastly different neurological baseline, which I presume is rare. The chemical imbalance theory is highly reductionistic to begin with. Completely disregarding social and environmental factors that also affect the production of chemicals in the body). Yes, the stimulation of dopamine and nor-ephedrine release can increase attention, that is why exercise improves cognition, the ability to concentrate and can reduce scatterbrained mind wandering, along with other stress reducing activities, like yoga, resistance training, sauna, good sleep, healthy diet, meaningful relations and so on. Ritalin is an over-hyped, easy shortcut to benefits that exists outside its chemical effects, which are very likely to be detrimental to health in the long run.

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