Top 3 Stocks RIGHT NOW October 2019 🕵🏻‍♂️

Charlie introduces the Top 3 Swing Stocks for October 2019 along with some straight-forward strategies on approaching them. He also discusses the importance …



  1. I have been trading on here with a little money until i decided to invest $80,000. I noticed that after investing, I was unable to withdraw my invested money back and after a while I was unable to log back in. It was such a nightmare and i thought I had lost everything i had invested until i met Adnan who put me through the recovery process. He is very professional and reliable.He helped me recover my lost money with the accrued profit also. I just really can’t thank him enough. email

  2. Thanks for the video Charlie nice little bonus content at the end as well I like it keeping people on their toes, yeah we do like volatility in the ziptraders and anybody that doesn't have a plan is planning to fail come on guys that's the first thing you learn.

  3. This video FINALLY got the resistance and support lines to click for me. Been on this trading journey since January and your videos have been by far the most knowledgeable that I can actually understand. Much appreciated for sure 👍🏻

  4. I’m keeping my eye on GPRO. I was able to make a small profit off it last week and this week it’s down even more. I’ll keep watching GoPro news to see if I can get a nice entry for a swing trade within the next few days.

  5. Have any thoughts on Costco, COST? Been skyrocketing these last few months, curious what your take on a bigger more stable company is as opposed to Tesla’s bouncing around for as far as investing goes. Love the videos, Thanks!

  6. What no mention of Clvly? Fda approval potentially tomorrow. I know its not a penny stock but i think thier is possible price action. I will also have to stop trading barefoot.

  7. Myself starting out I bought based off news gambling on the reactions, 50/50 play however my problem to this day is accepting a win some way or another I miss my window to sell being greedy then having to wait for the next big surge or pop to sell out. But these rather ravishing video help develop a plan for entry and exit

  8. I am your most spoiled person. I will never let them go. I’m sitting in about $10,000 worth of shit and about 200 of it is cash. Many I bought at 52 week low, but most were failed day trades in a bullish week. While using Robinhood and Webull candles. I learned. I’m still learning. I will never learn.

  9. Hahaha watch out china trade talks resuming in couple of days . Your technical analysis is beautiful and understandable but trump tweets is a great catalyst for panic selling hahaha.

  10. Its hard to trade paper because its outdated….by 15 min, charlie could you please explain how to add stock watches that fit all the criteria of the comeback kings and queens on T/S ?

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