1. I have this problem. Just not even 30 mins ago my friend asked me if I wanted to take a dab, I declined. Every time I smoke I get horrible anxiety. Without weed my anxiety is already really bad, it's something I've dealt with for as long as I can remember. I hate that I can't smoke, its not even that I want to, it just really bugs me that my brain won't handle it like most people can. And then being pressured into doing it by friends makes it worse. Sometimes the day after I'll smoke I'll feel really off and have moments of derealization, sometimes even lasting up to 3 days after I do it. It's quite embarrassing, I feel like I'm the only one out of everyone I know that deals with it like how I do.

  2. Stopping smoking after a binge seems to do this its bugged you get mad dreams and for me past memories keep popping up even ones ive forgotten vividly trick is to detox cos the thc stays in your system for a while I can smell it coming out of my body sometimes when I sweat it comes out your palms a lot as well and sometimes your urine smells of it trick is to keep drinking water and exercise and it helps

  3. When I was smoking one day, I took a couple hits and took a shower, when I got to my bedroom the anxeity ive always gotten hit me. I had a hard compression on my chest and I had so much anxeity I couldn’t even lay down. Is there a way to get over this?

  4. This video helped me out a lot, so thanks for that. I've been having depersonalization and panic attacks by smoking weed but it wasn't bad enough yet to stop. I stopped smoking for about two weeks this month, but for some reason I was tempted into it again a couple days ago. After getting some real scary depersonalisation and panic attacks after that joint I've decided to stop smoking weed and using hallucogenic drugs forever. It's just not fucking worth it.
    For anyone who has this. Learn how to meditate, it WILL help you. It has helped me a lot when i've had panic or depersonalisation. A great app is Headspace, for the full version it does cost some money but boy is it worth it.
    Thanks again for these encouraging words

  5. Had to subscribe, you're so educated and open its awesome! PTSD since 15 from my abusive relationship with a older person, let's just say whatever was his, was his friends too weather I liked it or not. Weed has helped me tremendously and thank you so much for your knowledge ♡

  6. A lot of this is caused by demons/the devil etc! The real key to freedom is Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God! Accept him to today through repentance of sins and acknowledging he alone can save you he was sent to earth by God the Father! He can heal you and protect you! Please see John 3:16 and Acts 2:38

  7. I'm smoking weed for 10 years plus and never had problems. But last month I smoked a pure weed joint that I got of a friend and that night my mouth went dry i couldn't eat so I panicked and took a valum to put me asleep. I woke up the next day still feeling like that it was horrible i kept it to myself till 8 that night and then I had to tell my girlfriend and mam, because I was thinking dark thoughts I just wanted it to end. I went to the doctors the next day and he gave me antidepressants they helped alot I was grand for the week or so, until I tried smoking a tinny bit of weed and I got a anxiety attack. Can someone please tell me can this be resolved? Can I ever smoke again?

  8. Happy 4th of July!!! Be safe boy and know you are loved from ATL. I don’t let too much in my spirits like anxiety but I am taking pills that make you stop smoking and at first I was like holy sh*t with the side effects but I told God I needed his help with this and I was granted that at 2:45 pm yesterday and I haven’t smoked since.

  9. Whats Up Bro I been Watching Your Videos I Feel Like You Can Relate To The Shit Im Going Through I Been Smoking Weed Since 15 now iam 25 i got my first anxiety/panic attack after i smoked Last Year Ended Up In The ER and they prescribed me Antidepressents and vitamins After Like 3 or 4 weeks of hell i started to feel better went back to smoking so i went of for like 11 months feeling alright no panic attacks when i smoked even went back to drinkin coke pepsi nd all that other shit but this past april i felt another strong panic attack and ended up in the ER like 2 or 3 times in the same week this time they presicriped me antidepressents with ridroxin wich is for isnomnia and anxiety and got prescribed clonazepam but i have the box of that full doctor in the ER told me to not pop them unless iam having a strong panic/anxiety attack so i dont really take them they are just there to make the story short what could i do to get back to smoking without having a anxiety attack bro i heard you said you poppd a valium incase you do get one is it the same for clonazepam or is it not safe other thing is where i live there aint no despenseries so i be smoking what ever them dopeboys got here hope i can get an answer from you shout outs from Mexico

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