1. For 8 minutes video you have given sufficient info and correct one thing it's not about our health it's about country's economy for the reason of ban cause whose going to pay money if you can plant a weed right at there home.
    In India medical marijuana and industrial hemp is the need of time and we would be happy if at least medical marijuana is legalized and enforced properly.
    And yes it was banned in India in 85s whole Nixon was USA President by placing marijuana as schedule 1 drug which charaka had mentioned in his ayurvedic journal as a medication.
    And in 2015 in our parliament this bill was enacted by odisha Mp for legalization.
    And our sincere request to govt please don't jail this people who are caught on consumption of weed cause all they need is to come out of it and have a better life, so please give them confidence by sending them on rehabilitation but not to jail.
    Everything on this Earth can be used both as medication and Poison by knowing the way and limit to use and so is weed.

  2. Hi Anand. I think you got inspired by Madhan Gowri videos . you would have did it little better.But nice try. One moe thing please don't do body language like him only.

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