1. Wow this is definitely an unbiased video well done!

    This is why people are going to keep dying from cigarettes, this fear mongering is what scares people away from switching. Straight lies and bias.

    If you are a smoker and are not sure about switching, PLEASE SWITCH! I use to smoke 30 cigarettes a day, thanks to vaping that number is 0 and I have never felt healthier.

  2. Juul is becoming the scapegoat in the vaping industry, when kids get caught drinking alcohol, let's say beer, we don't ban that particular brand of beer. Government can't parent kids. Parents Teach your child, retailers ask for ID, and users, if you didn't know any of these "hidden" facts, you do now. Throw your pods away as responsibly as u can, better yet, refill your pods with your own vape juice that your comfortable with, save money, the planet and pick your own poison. I'm so sick of this crap. We smokers got pushed outside, into corners, given dirty looks like we're smoking crack, so originally when e-cigs came out, with God knows what chemicals, and of course didn't taste very good, but we bought em and smoked em, some people to try to quit, but more to keep our freedom to ingest what we want, without bothering the non smokers. When they banned smoking in bars is why I started. If cigarette smoke is so offensive, umm…don't go to a bar, or just deal with it, like we dealt with freezing to go outside. They pushed e-cigs, made them better, now it's an amazing industry with knowledgeable people that know whatever is in that fast food meal, is far more likely to have far worse ingredients and we give it to our kids. So now that a lot of us got off the stinkie sticks for all you people that couldn't handle it, now enjoy vaping, it's a consumers responsibly to find out what is in it, if u care. Now there trying to back track and tell us, cigarettes might be safer! STFU. WEED is gonna be legal here in Illinois in like 2 months. Dispensaries I know don't allow people in the store under 21. So I guess stop selling these at gas stations, and make tobbocco shops like dispensaries. Must be 21 to enter. Other than that, big brother can't control everything.

  3. Oh geez. Honestly, I don't know what ingredients are in most anything I put in my body. Because I'm lazy, certainly I can look it up. Seems the problem is much more about retailers not following laws on sales to minors.

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