1. Wow, that oil inside the pepper was really frightening 🙂 besides that i really loved the colour of that pepper. I am not sure if i would be able to test that pepper as i already reach my limits with a small piece of habanero, but i will definitely try to train myself as i think that a lot of these superhot peppers have great flavour profiles hidden underneath the burn 🙂
    I completely agree that whitehotpeppers is a great place to buy seeds. Even though i live overseas, i received my order in only a couple of days, i had excellent germination rates and justin is very, very generous with the extras!

  2. I ordered from whitehotpeppers.com & this is what I got-
    Orange Yaky
    Borg 9 chocolate
    Brizilian ghost pepper red
    Bhutal scorpion
    Whp 003
    Reaper X Peach Bhut
    Brazilian Reaper X
    7 Pot Bubblegum scorpion
    And for free I got these-
    Bhutal brown
    7 pot Bubblegum butch T
    7 pot Bubblegum Naga
    WHP 008
    In each I got way more seeds than I ordered and I got lots of extra seeds. I'm very happy with my order and I definitely recommend ordering from him. I have three sed of each in my Jiffy pot and I'm very excited to see what comes up. I only spent 18 dollars. I definitely recommend ordering from him.

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