COMPLETE Amazon Product Research Guide | 7 Week Plan Step by Step

how do you find a profitable product to sell on Amazon? where do you start and what does a “sellable” profitable product even look like? This COMPLETE guide …



  1. Hi GT and I watched your videos and I would like you to visit me to start amazon FBA because I just finished my career and I think I wasted time because my salary expectation is 20,000 per year

  2. Jt, I'm a new subscriber and I am enjoying your videos. A couple of questions…The diploma frame example was a great example but there appeared to be a lot of people selling in that market. What is the threshold of sellers that determines a saturated market from an unsaturated market? Also, I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation as to why low review count is important. Every guru says to choose products where most sellers have a low number of reviews….but….they never explain why that is important. Does it have something to do with the way that the Amazon algorithm ranks their products?…..meaning that it is more difficult to compete and rank against a competitor with a high number of reviews because of Amazon's preferential treatment towards a higher review count…….I'm very confused about that. Thank you.

  3. Regarding around the 35:10 mark of the video: Some things are confusing me. I hear FBA content creators mention design/designing… Is getting with our supplier and designing what the actual box(es) that our customers receive will look like a mandatory part of the sourcing process for us that we’re responsible for with every individual product that we sell? Do we need to create a brand name and LLC for every product we launch? Lastly, will the suppliers be our source for the professional photos of the product that we’ll use on Amazon? Any responses will be much appreciated.

  4. I have a question.. How do I know that three other people haven't chosen the exact same niche/product as me at the same time (considering it seems like everyone uses these research tools) and they end up launching at the same time as me or just before? Is there a way to know that there aren't already a bunch of people preparing to launch a product that you have your eye on?

  5. I am a new subscriber and a new seller. Just launched 3 weeks ago and I am not making any money. Maybe wrong product as start up. Willing to learn for my next product . Will you have a one on one session?

  6. "go hit the 0.75x tempo" 🀣🀣🀣🀣
    I like your pace. that's why you're no bullπŸ’©. no need to talk nonsense. I have attention issues, so your vids are perfect

  7. J.T. Franco your video quality is like none I have ever seen in the Amazon FBA World! You inspired me to start my own Amazon FBA channel β€œCamron James”. Thanks J.T., you are the man!!!

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