Dr. Oz Weighs in on Kanye West and the K2 Epidemic

Dr. Oz weighs in on the latest Hot Topics including Kanye’s bi-polar disorder, the K2 epidemic and why celebrities are more susceptible to addiction. Plus, Dr. Oz …



  1. I actually don't like his metaphor for bipolar disorder. Perhaps only some people with bipolar disorder experience the world in "technicolor" and "create a new reality". However that is a pretty broad and uninformative definition to send to the world.

  2. Bibolar doesn't exist, its symptom of something. Like pain, you won't amputate your feet if you have pain. Bibolar drugs are so FULL OF BS And Poison/Toxic drugs. , many whom i know has committed suicide and they were the drugs, without starting those they WOULD'VE NEVER EVER EVER!!! committed suicide! they destroyed theyr loved ones and others.. =-[ They used Lithium and Lamictal, i know allso that one who didnt start or continued those, is fine and better than ever, and shes not suffer anything anymore. Just realize IT'S normal life, if THE life is tough and bad luck I say WHY NOT YOU FEEL LIKE "CRAZY" but you are not. Medical Marijuana is best and safest real meds! SO PSYCHIATRIC CORRUPTION AT LEVEL RED!

  3. Kanye is clearly not in his right mind and he is making a huge fool of himself. He has made so many bad choices and married into a family who make nothing but bad choices. They are rich and have the ear of the nation for no good reason. Recipe for disaster.

  4. Jacksonville Sheriff was arresting citizens for possession of synthetic Cannabinoids Fake Weed K2 being sold st smokers video in Jacksonville Florida for over 10 years. They finally closed Smokers Video only because the citizens refused to let the Sheriff get away with letting smokers video poison our community with $11million dollars in drugs and Navy Officers were addicted to the K2 being sold

  5. WTF is Bipolar disorder if not a new way to sell meds to desperate people who are simply hyper at times and depressed at others as most people are!!! Where the f has bipolar disease been for thousands of years….bipolar disease is also a fancier word than recovering drug addict.

  6. As someone who was misdiagnosed with bipolar. I’m not to sure if he’s bipolar. I do think he’s smart as a whip but his anxiety is also strong asf! I think Kanye has hidden traumas that need to addressed so he can cope and not be so reactive.

  7. The thing about a celebrity is… they have everything and ask why am I still not happy while I have all the money and power and health I need and want because they don’t feed their soul which is created to worship the one and only creator humans use your common sense have a connection with the one who created you stop worshipping your selves

  8. That’s just called human nature they throw pills at everyone. A healthy brain gets sad and happy…. maybe you lot should stop poisoning food then we will be more normal

  9. I used to never take my contacts out when i was a teenager. I cant believe i never got an infection!! My art teacher got one from getting tapwater in his contacts and eye and it was so bad!!

  10. I want to be just like Dr.Oz a Heart Surgeon ❀️ and I am scared because I wear contacts and I swim but I wear googles and I have some that goggles that have my prescription in it so I’ll wear those

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