1. Let me correct some of the errors presented in this video:

    1. There have not been any health risks associated with the responsible use of vaporizers. The so-called studies that found formaldehyde use an extreme and unsafe amount of voltage that any vaper would find harsh, just to get the results that big tobacco and the state wants so that smokers don't quit, and so that the state government gets a big fat paycheck for the sales of the tobacco industry.

    2. Just because vape juice has nicotine this organization of mediocre research has decided to label them as "highly addictive", or even on par with cigarettes! This is ludicrous for the fact that cigarettes have shown in history to be more addictive than tobacco products such as cigars, or virtually anything with nicotine because of the chemicals they put in the cigarettes. Also, it should be noted that unlike cigarettes, one can decide the amount of nicotine they want in their e-juice.

    3. The patch is much more similar to vaporizers than cigarettes for the fact that the combustion process is not present with either of them, yet the patch or nicotine gum are not listed as "just as addictive as cigarettes" because big tobacco and the government don't care about them since smokers have a very hard time quitting with both.

    The reason vaping is such an easy way for smokers to quit is that the same inhaling, whether mouth to lung or directly to lung is kept during the switch. But we all know it isn't the actual inhaling that causes harmful results in the smoker, it's the tar.

    If you want to be an honest organization, at least correct some of the lies that you present since they can keep smoking teens from switching.

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