1. People are taking cannabis for their own health you corrupt old bastards that are meant to be dead or In prison are focusing on nonsense if you want people to stop doing actual drugs get the fuck out of power and die in a retirement home me that I’m here I’m smoking weed nothing is happen and nothin will happen.

  2. And cannabis is not a drug you foolish people you won’t free yourselves from European colonial mentality the only reason they said you should ban it is because if you were smoking it then you would have resisted those Europeans you idiots

  3. Legalize this thing so we can market it upon it’s banned in Nigeria if I want to smoke it I can still smoke it so which one is this holy holy we are forming? Let’s makes billions of dollars from this thing for our economy? It will keep youths engaged employed happy and enlightened it will even improve tourism there is money to make but all these old men in power are foolish, anyway in the next decade majority of them will be dead💁🏾‍♂️

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