Reggie Wright Jr: Suge Knight Told Me Why He Took the 28 Year Plea Deal (Part 17)

Watch Part 16: Watch Part 1: ——————— In this clip, Reggie Wright Jr. explained some of the minutiae …



  1. Damn never been to prison I have did county time but if I had to go I wish Charlotte Mecklenburg was like dat …but 🖕fuck🖕 county jail an state prison been trouble free for 6yrs + now 💯💪💯✊✊😎😎😎 work gotta,whip and 1st born child on its way and 34yrs young and working on/for me ah house now God is all the way real and alive

  2. Lmbo this man interview everything and everyone about suge knight but neeeevvveeerrr. Go interview the man himself. Lmbo did suge do something to Vlad back in the days. Lmbo he is not going to interview Suge until suge turm 90 years old lmbo

  3. No matter ur feelings on Suge, their will never be another Death Row…Suge got a raw deal, I watched the tape and sorry dude got killed but suge panicked and thought it was a trap…That's my opinion I may be wrong…Another opinion, if your wanting to be a gangster rapper at the time, people (fans who pay to see you and buy your music) really expect you to be about it or used to be about it…So if the (gang) lifestyle upset Dre so much he shouldn't be representing it…Nowadays you can't get away with it,as it should be…The bad,good,and ugly part of growing up poor and surving( as I) gang or group lawless tactics are used to survive and have things we normally would not..So if u haven't lived it, your not allowed to speak on it like you did…Or pay the price

  4. I'm still confused a6out this shit fr, 6ut in the rest of America once you're on trial for something is found not guilty they can't put you on trial again for the same charge that's called dou6le jeopardy… So I'm wondering what the fucc he's talking a6out

  5. Reggie and his dad (the police men) both are currently in jail for running a drug cartel. Gets to show you how currept they are. Any one around them is either killed or spending time in prison.

  6. This guy is one of the most
    dangerous types of people to deal with; talks slow, seems really jovial, yet notice how fast his eyes flicker when Vlad asks him about Suge saying Dre tried to kill him. His mind was racing a 100 mph. I guarantee you could almost never be able to tell this mans true intentions. Like a hood detective Columbo.

  7. What happened to Reggie and his dad having all those drug charges. I thought by now they would be in jail, but he acts like his hasn't a care in the world. Him and his father are two of the most dishonest cops ever , they are disgraces to badges they wore, and they must have something on someone higher up that keeps their butts out of jail, or they are police informants, which that would not surprise me. As they seem to play both sides. LA seems to have so many dishonest cops . The history of their Police Depts. reflect badly on the cops out there who try to do their best, but when you have fellow officers on the take, and the higher ups you answer to on the take, its hard for a decent cop to fight that blue wall that freezes the honest cop out, and you don't know who to trust or if who you are working with is watching your back. I can not even finish this video without being disgusted at watching this piece of dirt, I only hope he and his father gets what they deserve punishment wise even if it is street justice. We can pretty much assume they have at least gotten people hurt or worse, if not ordering it done, or even doing it themselves. There needs to be a judgement for these two.

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